Chi You Men

The Chi You Men (蚩尤門) is a secretive criminal organisation based in China. The Chi You Men are lead by four executive leaders, who represent the four cardinal points of  the astrological directions of the heavenly beasts of Chinese mythology. Lan Di being the ruler of the east (Azure Dragon), Niao Sun; the ruler of the south (Vermillion Bird/ Phoenix) and two unknown characters who have yet to be revealed in-game, representing north and west (White Tiger and Black Turtle, respectivly).

The Chi You Men have been confirmed to be ruled by an Emperor figure known as Tentai. This was revealed by Yu Suzuki in an interview with

The true intentions of the Chi You Men, so far unknown, are searching for the Phoenix Mirror, which Ryo has in his possession, after they successfully retrieved the Dragon Mirror from Ryo’s father, Iwoa Hazuki, killing him in the process.

According to Yuanda Zhu, when the Phoenix and Dragon mirrors are combined, will create a map which would lead to a “hidden treasures of the Qing Dynasty”, although the meaning of this is unclear. It is speculated however that it will awaken the ancient Chinese mythological creature Chi You.

Regardless of their secrecy, both the Mad Angels and the Yellow Heads know of and are working with Lan Di. Yuanda Zhu had also hidden himself as he had become a target of the Chi You Men.


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