Photo of Joy

This photograph of Joy and Ryo Hazuki can be obtained after Ryo’s first day of carrying crates at Fortune’s Pier. The event which gets you this photo is triggered when passing the Pigeon Cafe.

When Ryo arrives in Hong Kong, a tourist photographer, Zhouji Lin, takes a picture of Ryo, he is told by a woman that he will try and sell the picture to Ryo later.

Later, he finally sports Ryo and tries to sell the photo to him for $50. Ryo – not being interested – refuses to buy the picture, on which Zhouji lowers the price lower and lower. After demanding that Ryo pay him $10 for bothering him, Joy arrives and offers to purchase the photo, together with another photo of her and Ryo together.

Joy seems very pleased by the photo of Ryo alone and gives Ryo the photo of them together. She leaves with out paying for either photo.

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