Photo of Nozomi

There are two different photographs of Nozomi Harasaki and Ryo Hazuki, taken by Eri Tajima, which can be obtained in the New Yokosuka Harbour District.

Ryo has to chose which of the two photos to keep for himself, and which one Nozomi is to receive. The difference being in the first photo they are standing apart from each other and in the second they are closer.

If he chooses the photo where they are apart, Nozomi will be happy that she got the one with them close to each other. The opposite is true if he chooses the photo where they are closer to each other.

The photo will be different, depending on the weather the photo is taken.

In Guilin, Ryo can show his chosen photo to Shenhua Ling, when they are talking about his old friends and he mentions Nozomi.

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