Green Market Quarter

The Green Market Quarter (菜珍街, saichin-gai) is the first quarter in Wan Chai that Ryo reaches from the bridge over King’s Road from Aberdeen. The area is mostly a variety of open-air shops and stands such as greengrocers, butchers, restaurants and even a martial arts School. This quarter has access to the Golden Quarter, South Carmain Quarter and the White Dynasty Quarter.



Lucky Hit

Lucky Hit can be played at the following locations:

  • Hongren Zhen – Nearby the Guang Martial Arts School
  • Feng Liu – Next to Bar Man Mo
  • Cheng Tao – Near A Vacant Lot

Roll It On Top

Roll It On Top can be played at the following locations:

  • Qichao Liang – In an alley opposite the Come Over Guest House
  • Yuanming Li – In an alley opposite the Come Over Guest House

Source: Shenmue Neoseeker: Green Market Quarter

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