Hazuki Residence

The Hazuki Residence (芭月家) is where Ryo lived with his father, Ine-san and Fuku-san. There is also a large garden and the Dojo (芭月武館 Hazuki Bukan). As well as serving as the only save point in the game and Ryo’s place to sleep at night there are quite a few items hidden within the Hazuki Residence.

Items to be found

  • Shenmue Cassette – on Ryo’s desk in Ryo’s Room
  • Cassette Player – top drawer of Ryo’s desk in Ryo’s Room
  • Ryo and Friends Photo – middle drawer of Ryo’s desk in Ryo’s Room
  • Sha Hua Cassette – Bottom drawer of Ryo’s desk in Ryo’s Room
  • Shadow Reaper Move Scroll – on the desk in Fuku-san’s Room
  • Ryo and Family Photo – in the right draw of the red desk in Ine-san’s Room
  • SEGA Saturn – in the cupboard under the TV in the main room
  • C Size Battery – Top left drawer of cabinet in the main room
  • Candle – Top right little drawer of the alter cabinet
  • Milk – inside the fridge in the kitchen.
  • Box of Matches – on the alter cabinet, just right of the alters
  • Letter to Ryo – on the desk in Iwao’s room
  • Mysterious Key – in a box in the drawer of the desk in Iwao’s Room
  • Twin Blades Move Scroll – in the Laundry Basket at the end of the hallway behind Iwao’s Room/Altar Room
  • Torch – the left hand side of the cupboard that the phone sits on by the front door
  • Phone Directory – the right hand side of the cupboard that the phone sits on by the front door
  • Sword with no handguard – in a box in on the floor of the Dojo, that is unlocked with the Mysterious Key
  • Mysterious Scroll – Behind the “Principles of Yin and Yang” scroll on the wall of the Hazuki Dojo.
  • Slot in the wall – Behind the “Principles cannot be expressed only by words” wall scroll, in the Dojo
  • Engraving on the wall – Behind the eagle wall scroll in the Dojo
  • White Leaf – inside a book in the basement of the Hazuki Dojo.


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Source: Shenmue NeoSeeker: Hazuki Residence

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