Lapis Fortune Teller

Lapis Fortune Teller is a fortune tellers located on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka. Originally the shop was a grocery store, but was converted into what it is today when the current owner, Natsumi Sakuragi, inherited the shop after her parents died.

For ¥300 Ryo can have his fortune read, there being 3 types of readings available

  • Future – this reading gives Ryo a clue as to what will happen to him next
  • Clue – this reading gives Ryo a hint as to where he should be heading next
  • Gamble – this reading will tell Ryo his lucky number for the day, which corresponds to a slot machine in the Slot House and should, supposedly, give winning games more often.

Source: Shenmue Neoseeker: Lapis Fortune Teller

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