South Carmain Quarter

The South Carmain Quarter is a somewhat run-down looking area in Wan Chai with several closed businesses and tired looking buildings. Very few businesses are still running in the area, and there is also an apartment building although it’s future seems uncertain. This quarter has exits leading to the Green Market Quarter, White Dynasty Quarter and the Wise Men’s Quarter.



Lucky Hit

Lucky Hit can be played at the following locations:

  • Yingnian Xu – Next to the Wise Men’s Quarter gate
  • Cungong Nuoge – On the road leading to the White Dynasty Quarter
  • Rongchun Lin – Nearby to the stand owned by Cungong Nuoge
  • Yuxiang Yan – In an alleyway behind the Sunny Capital Pharmacy
  • Yanzhou Le – Next to the Sunny Capital Pharmacy
  • Feng Tian – Around the corner by the Man Mo Realtors
  • Bofu Sun – By the Shine Pawnshop
  • Zhaolong A – By the Yan Tin Apartments
  • Shenshi He – By the Carmain Pawnshop
  • Zongxun Fang – In Lotus Park
  • Anshi Wang – By the Green Market Quarter gate

Source: Shenmue Neoseeker: South Carmain Quarter

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