White Dynasty Quarter

The White Dynasty Quarter is a smaller, somewhat run-down area with a lot of closed businesses in Wan Chai. Most of the space is now taken up by stalls selling various goods, but there are only three businesses that actually own a premises.



Darts 7

Darts 7 can be played at the following locations:

  • Bar Liverpool

Roll It On Top

Roll It On Top can be played at the following locations:

  • Zongren Nan – Opposite Bar Liverpool
  • Yongxing Fan – By the South Carmain Quarter gate

Market Stands

There are also a number of market stands located in this area:

Stand Owner Stand Name Wares Items for sale
Jirun Tao Unnamed Clothing None.
Deming Cui Unnamed Toys None.
Yingqian Kang Unnamed Vegetables & spices None.
Jinhua Yan Unnamed Cooked food None.
Xingnan Jin Unnamed Nothing. None.
Meizhu Rong Unnamed Vegetables & spices None.
Hanying Zhou Unnamed Cooked food None.
Zhengye Luo Unnamed Bird cages None.
Bo Yong Bai Jiu Stand Cooked food None.
Zhangju Kun Unnamed Books None.
Shangzhe Quan Unnamed Clothing None.
Hongmei Yuan Unnamed Clothing None.
Mingen Li Unnamed Pots & Pans None.

Source: Shenmue Neoseeker: White Dynasty Qr.

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