In what can only be called a massive success, Yu Suzuki his team of veterans have successfully managed to secure $6,333,295 in Kickstarter funds.

Here is a break down of the Kickstarter:

  • Total amount achieved: $6,333,295
  • Total backers: 69,320
  • Fastest Kickstarter to $1,000,000
  • Most funded video game Kickstarter
  • Eighth most funded Kickstarter ever

In other news, Yu Suzuki announced during the final hours Twitch stream that PayPal support will be coming after the Kickstarter has finished.

It has been an emotional ride these past 14 years, many ups and many downs. And the moment we saw the Playstation E3 2015 conference.. heard the familiar music, the voice of Yu Suzuki.

And now, 31 days later we, the fans have managed to pledge over $6,000,000!

I’m proud of us, and proud to be apart of such an amazing community. ShenmueDB has a new purpose, and we will be the number one resource for Shenmue III geekery!